Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Video of the day: The mugu will always pay

The mugu will always pay is a short movie I wrote for my Youtube channel. It's basically about a boy who gets conned by his other friends into spending a lot of money for some girls in the hopes that he is going to get laid, only for his hopes to be destroyed, and later on finds out that the boys had their share from the money he spent on the girls. And so the boy decides to seek revenge.

I am basically making up videos to promote myself, because I've seen the potential of getting exposure through youtube, so I am trying to use that as a means to get myself out there so by the time I'm fully ready and I get to release my books, promoting it will be easier because I already have a fanbase.

So please y'all should go and subscribe to my channel, and share any of the videos you find interesting on your facebook walls. I could even promote fellow indie writers if my channel gets big.

Here's the episode one.

And here's the episode 2, it gets better really.
Please comment and rate the videos, your feedback is really important.

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