Sunday, May 15, 2011

The one thing i wanted when i was a kid, what did you want.

I don't know why i suddenly thought of this, but i did, and no matter how rubbish it is i want to write it quickly before i realize it is truly rubbish. It's a funny thing actually. We all know of course that when we were kids, we always wanted that one thing, there was always something we obsessed over.

Maybe it was a power ranger costume, new toy guns, a new barbie doll, a box of legos, some colorful trainers we just saw a kid actor wear on T.V, the latest action figures and all, now these are the list of normal things that most kids wanted.

Then we had those obsessions that weren't necessary normal but still understandable. Like some kids wanted glasses just because they thought it made the face look unusual, some wanted casts and slings for their perfectly okay arms just because they some some kid work it in a movie or saw some children sign on it and thought it was cool. Some other kids wanted those inhalers for asthma patients, not that they wanted the asthma (i doubt they knew what asthma was then) but they just loved the way those actors (that's mostly where they picked these things) sucked on it, and thought it was hilarious to press something a get a whiff of whatever it was that was inside there, (now i know it's a Beta adrenomimetic drug)

Well, all these obsessions are, though bizarre, well understandable, but how do you explain a child that was obsessed with a wheel chair from the age of four or so, boy i don't really remember but i know i was damn stupid. I don't remember the movie that made me want it but i just know it involved a woman whose spirit or personality or  something had been removed and placed into another's or something along that line.

I remember i kept bugging my parents for one, and i couldn't understand why they would not get one for me, (even though now i think they were being very lenient seeing as they did not knock some sense into me, and lock me up in my room till the sense set in) they were wheel chairs for crying out loud, i get to sit on them and push myself  around, and i wouldn't have to walk. I know right now you're probably thinking i was a very dumb kid, well you can say that again.

Ten years or so later, as i write this blog, i don't know if you will find this funny, heck you might read this and say something like (will dis  dude get a life, or i just wasted five minutes of my time) but if you're one of those that can in  anyway relate put your comment below, tell me what was your most bizarre obsession when you were a kid, let's see if you can top this.

I am just happy though that my parents didn't decide to create the need for me to use a wheel chair (come to think of it that would have been the fastest way to shut me up) and thank God that i am not using a wheel chair, and will never use one.


  1. nice one u got ,as 4 me as a kid i always wanted 2 be a princess in a big castle maybe cos i watched alot of Disney movies but as yrs passed i realized dat i cannot be a princess cos am nt 4rm a royal family and i av no royal Prince charming waiting 4 me, but i can av my own title and my own place also at the same time helping others .so i chose 2 become a doctor and one day own a hospital which will be my own definition of a castle

  2. i think the best feeling is realizing you can't have something and instead of dwelling on that, doing something else and looking for ways to make up for that. This sounded better in my head, but i hope you get me.

  3. That is certainly an interesting thing to want as a child! :o) I always wanted my own library, haha. A room with just shelves and shelves of books and comfortable chairs and throw pillows.

    I'm a new follower from Book Blogs :o)


  4. Aww, i don't think it's fair that you got to want something very reasonable when you were kid, lol. thanks for the comment, going over to your blog.


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