About me

I hear a lot of writers saying that they've been reading books since they were very young like five years and so on, but that wasn't the case for me. I started reading when i was older at around twelve years old. Before then i loved watching magical films, i had no idea that you could also get these books until one day my dad bought me my first novel, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: Prince Caspian. I became hooked immediately, and started reading more. Some of my favourite books till date, and which i think or i hope inspire my writing are, Tales of the dark forest, WHIZZARD by Steve Barlow and Skidmore. It's the most hillarious book i've ever read, then there is THE BOY WHO COULD NOT DIE by William Sleator. The goosebump series were good, i loved the Fear street series as well, I enjoyed Keith ablow's Murder suicide which really surprised me, i love Arabian Nights, tales by sheharazadde. I love mythical creatures and greek myths and legends, infact anything myth, I'm in. I am drawn to mysterious and weird things, plus i like to eat while i am watching television.

My best actors are Johnny Depp (I wish he could be my best friend) and Meryl Streep.
i wish James Cameron could do  a movie adapatation for my book, THE SEPTAVALENT STONE
I love Chris Brown except his been messing up recently, I love Cee lo, Usher, i just like Beiber's songs. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Enrique and Busty Rhymes.

I find that i get inspiration when i am feeling really depressed, but it takes me feeling really happy before i can make sense out of it. I am an obsessive cook and that's bad considering the fact that i can't really cook.

I'm studying medicine right now, treating werwolves and vampires. I also prescribe drugs to banshee who are having flesh withdrawals. And in between sterilizing their fangs so they don't turn me into one of them, i have to write because i love doing it.

And i need to ask one question solely for research for my upcoming book, and i hope this does not offend anybody. If A pregnant woman is bitten by a werewolf, will the baby  be wolf throughout and only be human during the full moon because you see, i have this patient....