Saturday, July 9, 2011

DISNEY: The Underlying evil in the Good

Hey people, followers and viewers and everyone in between. So for a while now i've been lacking ideas of blogst to put up, not lacking ideas per say but how to put them down with what limited time I have. So I was looking at my very good friend's blog, and with her permission, I decided to tweek a piece she posted, I hope you enjoy. Here's the link to her blog, TIGERFIREROSE'S BLOG. So here goes something......

Today’s post is all about our disney cartoons and the TRUE lessons they teach our kids (or us).
Oh! On the surface they make it seem like they are teaching them to be valiant!, to follow their hearts, pursue your dream, believe in love but what about the subliminal messages the kids pick up?
I’m sure we’ve all gotten the BBM broadcast message that outlines the other side of those disney cartoons, Snow White living with 7men, Jasmine sneaking out of her house after curfew with a man,blah blah blah… today, I’m gonna bring out the OTHER lessons these kids are taught, and show you how they are common occurrences in every disney cartoon.
This particular moral lesson (or is it immoral in this case?). Is a constant theme in EVERY disney cartoon. Your parents never know what’s best for you. If they tell you don’t eat the blueberry, if your heart tells you to, disregard your parents and eat it.. E.g
Ariel from little mermaid (I don’t think she ever obeyed one word her father said throughout the cartoon) – she followed the witch who she had been strictly told to never see and whom she knew was her father’s worst enemy
Pocahontas was specifically told NOT to fraternise with the white people.. Well we all know how that story goes.

Kids are taught to focus on their dreams to the exclusion of how their actions affect every other person around them.
Ariel wanted legs at all costs, she traded in her voice for it, Her dad in an attempt to rescue his favorite daughter, traded in his crown for her and got turned into a slug/worm for his efforts.
Pocahontas believed she was in love with the white dude ( I say believed cuz we’ve all seen part 2 and know that the indecisive little twirp ended up with the next hot white man she saw) and was so selfish, the best hunter in their tribe got killed cuz she kept on going to see the white dude and in a bid to protect her, he got shot.

They are taught that when it comes down to it, your best friend is the person that’ll always cover up for you ergo.. Tell lies on your behalf. So to be a true best friend, you have to learn to be a master liar. A bad best friend snitches on you and looks like the cause of all the bad things happening.
Pocahontas and her best friend… The babe was concerned about her friend’s ways and went to tell her fiance… In a roundabout way they made it look like it was the girl’s fault the dude died. If Pocahontas had just been an obedient little girl, she’d have had more flat faced structured jawed cartoon babies to sing around the campfire.

Ok this may seem a little odd but they encourage children to have ‘familiars’, believe in ‘fairy godmothers’ and ‘genies’. children are very impressionable and begin to think animals can talk so they start to regularly converse with the animals around them, a dormant spirit looking for a way to enter that vessel seizes this opportunity and voila! Your kid is going for meetings in the night (Some christiany steaze I know)
Ariel had Sebastian and the other Fish, Cinderella had her talking mice, in jungle book the bear and the panther?(I can’t remember) most of these cartoons have animal bff’s that always save the day.
Alladin had the genie to grant him his every wish especially after he set him free.


This simply means as long as you’re happy and in love and you’ve reached your target or married your Prince Charming, it doesn’t matter that I dunno…. might have robbed someone? destroyed someone’s means of livelihood? Started a war?….
Anastasia was on her way to con an old woman out of her money by claiming to be her grand-daughter.. That she was actually her grand daughter justifies her previous conman stunt.

Alladin was a good for nothing roadside thief who got lucky, hit the mother lode and lied that he was a prince. The fact that he saved the kingdom exonerated him of all past wrongdoings and he nabbed himself a princess in the bargain (not bad for a thief).

Ariel(why was this girl even a model cartoon for kids?) Lost her voice, inadvertently lost the whole kingdom to Ursula all because she wanted legs… Scratch that, cuz she wanted to follow MAN and she needed a pair of legs for that… All that was forgotten when the prince declared he loved her too. Her father even gave her the legs…

**Ok this is just a side-note.. That Alladin boy has to be the greatest conman in the history of Disney. He had a genie and only 3wishes, nobody is ever satisfied with 3 wishes but you know you can’t wish for more wishes so what do you do? Alladin (sharp guy that he is) set the genie FREE! A free genie is free 2 grant you as many wishes as He thinks you need plus since he’s the one that set him free, the genie is forever indebted to him, from slavery in a lamp to slavery by gratitude… Now that is the ULTIMATE scam… Alrighty then, as you were.
They aren’t taught that their actions don’t always end up in fairy tale endings. If you steal, you should get punished for it cause stealing is bad. When you disobey your parents, and you get grounded/punished, you should be remorseful enough to not sneak out to the witch’s house(Yes Ariel I’m talking to you).

They should try to stop making wrong acts seem proper, and the good acts seem like bullying. Even in the new one ‘TANGLED’ (which by the way I’m TOTALLY in love with) the dude was a thief and proud of it. We ended up NOT wanting the thief to get caught… That isn’t right, if someone stole your property no matter how dashing or suave he is, you’d want the person caught!

just hate it when my countdowns never get to ten, ten just always seems like the proper countdown number… Oh well!*shrugs* … Feel free to add other ‘Lessons’ disney subliminally teaches kids!!!
Until my brain visits its parallel universe and sees another conspiracy were there might or might not be one…. Sayanora!!!

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  1. I would like to make a comment about Anastasia... first of all, Anastasia is not Disney. Second of all, Anastasia was not "on her way to con an old woman out of her money", she had no idea of the con. That was the guys' plan, they just used her.

  2. I thought this was a great review and it took alot of courage to put it in our present pluralistic society.
    I would only add that it's not just Disney but every movie out there that teach kids to disrespect their parents because their parents aren't really as smart as they are anyway.
    More than a few children's books (The Pendericks comes to mind) have all those messages in them as well.
    Good for you!! You might receive flack but who cares. Stick to your convictions.

  3. Did i forget to point out that in as much as there is some truth in this post, it's also supposed to be funny.. anyways, thanks you guys for the comment, my bad we should have crosschecked anastasia and Disney, anyways you still get the point though.

  4. LOL--I saw the humor and yet the truth in your post, but I was going to mention that Anastasia was Fox not Disney simply because I had a family member who worked on that film--it is my duty to see his company gets the credit. :)

    My one comment mirrors Sharon's comment. It isn't just Disney or even modern day cartoons that promote these morals (or immorals as you said). Most of these cartoons are based on very old fairy tales or myths or stories. They are not always all that new. And now you have me thinking--why is that? And why does it seem worse now? Or does it just seem worse to me now that I have a child. hmm. You have given me a lot to think about--and I like that. :)

    Please feel free to visit me at

  5. A lot of good point you guys made I can't add anything more (for now) but thinking about me as a kid way back I've never thought about it/put any of it that way I just love the fantasy,flow of the story,the dresses,catchy songs,exciting adventures,the whole and exact thought/concept of how awesome it is becoming a princess and a happily ever after with prince charming so dreamy ~_~ hence they’re cartoons..But when you really think about these messages good vs. bad and such..they should really be working on great morally good cartoons ^_~

    I'm a new follower
    you're always welcome..drop by whenever ^_^

  6. will definately love to watch that, lol.. thanks for stopping by Kim..

  7. Great post!
    A new follower from book bloogs. Have nice weekend.

  8. ok i know this a old post but i was really into this and agreed til it came to the pocahontas comment and i quote " If Pocahontas had just been an obedient little girl, she’d have had more flat faced structured jawed cartoon babies to sing around the campfire" not cool man im native american and surely dont appreciate you commenting in that manner its hurtful. not to mention u prolly have not truly studied the natives history or the rapeing of our land or the whole shipping us off to the shittiest pieces of real estate so on that note i hope u understand now

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