My Book

The book is finally ready, The Septavalent Stone. It debuts worldwide on the 1st of August, a pre-launch party for the Ukrainian edition will go down shortly after my KROK exams on July, it's the Ukrainian equivalent of the American USMLE, so while your perusing this blog (i hope you do) be sure to wish me luck.

The synopsis of the books is below:

Mrs. Ama never told Andrew that she was a renowned witch or that his uncle was a retired magical salesman who traded contraband dark magical objects. If she had, he would have known that:
  1. Travelling to his uncle's house to stay for a few weeks was a bad idea, and,
  2. Forgetting to search his box before leaving the house in case anything sinister found its way into it was also a bad idea.
            Instead, Andrew has to learn about his uncle the hard way as strange things begin to happen around him. As the medical schools in Africa grow worse academically, Andrew transfers to Norgads University in Ukraine where a group of fellow nephews-and-kids of mystic parentage have mysteriously convened, unaware that he holds, in his box, an ancient relic that belongs to a very powerful being called an elder.
            But just when he thinks he can settle down and finally study, he discovers the stone, and to make matters worse, his cousin, the wild and unpredictable Aloysia, arrives on her father's orders to retrieve it. With a second war threatening to repeat itself between the two families, and the power of the stone causing the school cadavers to arise and attack the students, Andrew and Aloysia must put aside all differences, and team up to solve the mystery behind the stone which leads him to learn lesson number three:

     3.      There are some situations that two enemies cannot pass through together without becoming best friends.
            The Septavalent stone is an epic 80,000-word novel about family rivalry, secrets, campus life and supernatural beings, which will engage both loyal and casual YA readers, with cross-over potential for twenty-something men, (i hope). Andrew's story celebrates a broad multicultural and international appeal.

JUST IN CASE ANYONE'S INTERESTED I AM GIVING OUT E-BOOK ARCS (is there such a thing) to anyone interested in writing a review.