Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello, so i think i should take a break from reading for my exams for a while, and blog about something. I was thinking of a few things, looking for something to write about, and then something struck me, i was wondering, what fictional characters i would want to meet, and i came up with a list. and here it goes......

*Calypso: The very one in the Pirates of the Carribean3. i would love to meet her because she is cunning, wicked and very rugged, plus she's the god of the sea, so that counts for something.

 *Magneto in the movie, you have got to love this guy, very realistic villain and smart. I could learn a lot from him i am sure. It's not just about the power he has, but the swag in which he uses it, so cool, check out when he was releasing mystique and juggernaut in Xmen three, the last stand, cool.

*Voldermort: There really is no difference between voldermort and Magneto just that one is more sensible and the other is more deadly apart from that they both have the same superiority complex issues. Call me saddist or whatever but i just think you can learn a lot from both of them, but a note of caution, the addage forgive and forget means nothing to this dude.

Professor Xavier: You see though i'd like to meet him, i am not very impressed with this one. Give a bad guy his powers and see him move mountains with it. i'd like to meet him cos i need to wipe a few people's memories and mine of some incidents that have happened through out my days, lol. He's okay, just okay.

*Dumbledore: Another unimpressive good guy, (i love him, no offense) but i just think good people should take a leaf from bad guys and be swift to action. I would love to meet this guy, learn a few tricks and have a nice long chat with him on his journeys and how he knows so much.

*Optimus Prime: One cos he's so cool, two cos he's so cool, three  cos he's so cooool, and i get to ride in any car i want.

 *Ororo Munroe: I had a hard time figuring if it was halle or Storm i wanted to meet, eventually it was truly storm. There's something about women in uniform that gets me nuts, but throw in some sexiness with mutant powers then i am good to go. She's a bit disappointing though, the norm with good powerful people, like in the xmen last stand movie, the way quick silver dealt with her, i thought she should have fried her ass off with some lightening the first time they met.

*Tony Stark: He's got the swag, he's got the money, the brains, the gadget, what more do you want. Wish he was my friend, it'll say a lot of things about me, lol.

*Cullen family: Bunch of idiots if you ask me. You are vampires for pitssake, live your deaths, have fun. I would like to have a word with them. I like Emmet he's cool, Alice should evolve or something and put her powers to good use. Edward should come work for me, and the rest, bleh.

*Wolfpack: First and foremost you idiots, you made me go and register in a gym only to give up after two days due to the fact that you failed to talk about how difficult and painful it is to achieve distinct abs, yes i blame you guys it should have been incorporated in your scripts. That being said, i think i would like to have wolves for friends, beg them to transform sometimes and take them for walks and have people stare.

These are just a few of the characters i would love to meet, next post would be the type of fictional characters that i would love to take their places. You have seen it all, who wouldn't love to be calypso and control the sea even if it is for one day, or magneto and have the power to bend metal at will, or Voldermort and have people fear  your name, and be extremely intelligent and conscience-less, or Xavier and get everything you want in this life, or storm so you can open the heavens and pour down rain to nations who need it, and make it a bit cooler in Ukraine cos the sun is biting, or be Tony Stark and have all the money in the world plus brains, or Optimus Prime and be invisible, or dumbledore in his eccentric ways. SOME PEOPLE might not want to be wolves but i know i would like to have packs and be fit so i don't mind taking off my shirt during those hot days and having the girls look and let their imaginations run wild, SERIOUSLY half of the work is already done after they've had that look. which character would you like to be, let me read your thoughts.


  1. Nice list, Emmett Cullen is vvery dreamy, other then that i hate twilight haha

    Thanks for stopping by

    The Book Mystress, xx

  2. Fascinating! This was a very interesting and fun read and a darn clever idea.


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