Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can youtube help you as a writer

Okay this post is going to be really short but I hope it will gather a lot of comments. For about a year now I've been an active YouTube viewer, only recently did I start uploading my own videos.

I decided to upload videos to Youtubes because I noticed all this big time Youtubers and the fans they have amassed over the years. These Youtubers such as Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, Philip Defranco, Smosh and so on have gone on to make brands for themselves, selling t-shirts and various merchandise and other things.

And it made me wonder if the same route could work for books. Maybe I have not done my research well, but I haven't heard of any writer, indie or otherwise that makes Youtube videos as a means to promote herself, except Lauren Destefano, and it's a vloggy kind of thing not a planned out thing.

I know it's going to take out time from the actual writing, but publicizing and marketing is also an integral part of the book business. And trully I hate that part of the writing process, however I have found that I enjoy making the videos.

Notice that I try my best for the main part since I am just starting out, to shy away from things book related because if not done properly it might become dull and chase potential subscribers and viewers away.

So I am throwing this question out there before I get so caught up on Youtube instead of the actual writing. I am known for doing things without seeking other people's opinion, and now I have put my foot down. What do you guys think, is Youtube a useful tool in promoting yourself as a writer.

Here's my channel, and one of my videos.

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