Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Dyslexic and Handsome One

Michelle Zink slapped me before the words fell out of my mouth, and Harry Potter just stood there, looking like a fool, I wonder how he defeated Voldemort, if he ever did, after all Umbridge called him a liar.
Big surprise, I had agreed to follow Harry Potter to Newyork, who wouldn't? I did not want to miss the chance to see Percy Jackson. We had stayed at Deb Caletti's for a couple of days, and had set off for Percy's only to discover he wasn't around but had left a few notes with his aunt about what he was up to. Something about breaking a titan's curse, then listening to a prophecy by some sisters.
At the SIXTEENTH SUMMER,” Michelle had said, right before slapping me. “A CIRCLE OF FIRE will appear and...”
It was after she slapped me that the door opened and Michelle Dalton walked in. It was strange with this two women, for Zink and Dalton looked very much alike, in short they were identical. Except for the bow placed clumsily on Dalton's head you could not tell the difference.

THIS DARK ENDEAVOR,” she started ominously. “My husband just told me what you are up to, I will not approve it.”

“Who?” Zink scoffed. “Kenneth – Kenneth Opel. You must be joking. He is a total-”
Have you told her the consequences if you fail?” she asked Harry, who just stood there. He was really starting to annoy me.
Told me what?” I looked at Harry, wondering what was going on.
“That's enough Michelle,” Zink warned.
“No it's not, I have seen what happens,” Dalton snapped. “Kelly Keaton was stargazing again and-”
“Kelly what?” spat Zink. “Kelly Keaton, the witch?”
“And an excellent one at that,” Dalton retorted. “If they fail,” she pointed at me, but looked at Harry. “DARKNESS BECOMES HER.” she said this in a very dramatic way that seemed so forced and fake that I was sure she had played a fast and suspensful soundtrack in her head as she said it.

If I had any sense, this would have been the time to back out, but apparently, when you're in love with the idiot who lived, having sense seems illogical.

“Harry what is she talking about?” I asked him.
“I don't know,” he replied distractedly. Maybe if I cruciated his behind he would focus and answer my questions. “Harry James Potter, answer me!”
Before any words could fall out of his mouth, Percy Jackson burst in through the door, looking disheveled. But I did not care, he was just as handsome as I had imagined it, all I just needed was for a reason to break up with Harry Potter right now.
“I could not break it,” he started, breathing heavily. Michelle stepped away from him, from the looks of it, he was wreaking of something awful. Again I did not care, I would wash him if I had to.
“Break what?”
THE TITAN'S CURSE,” Percy answered. “Rick Riordan stepped up his game and tightened the plot this time. It's a bit tricky but I think there might be a way around it. We're going to need someone who is versed in the art of CHRESTOMANCI, and we're going to need an ancient relic.”

Harry laughed that proud laugh that was very annoying whenever he felt he had gotten his way around something or had figured out something. “That's easy,” he said. “I have got THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!”

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