Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Brave One

“The Deathly Hallows,” I asked stupidly.
Harry nodded with a smirk, as he brought out a stick and a tiny draw string bag. I would have loved to punch him right now but I had to resist the urge.
I know what you're all gonna say, that everything Harry does is suddenly annoying to me because of handsome Percy but hey, I know Harry is a wizard and all but Percy's a god. Demigod yes, but god all the same.
As Harry tried to hand the items to Percy Jackson, Percy shook his head.

“We need a fresher relic,” he told Harry, and Harry looked horror-struck. “You are old gist.”
“What do you mean?” he asked. I was happy with the embarrassed yet outraged look Harry had on his face, apparently no one had ever told him that. “If it's fresh then it's not a relic is it?”

“Do you have an idea how strong the titan's curse is,” he asked Harry. “and how hard it's going to be to break it.”

“Why am I here?” I suddenly asked, as the two boys talked as if I was invisible. If they were fighting over me I would have understood and remained silent, how cool would it be to have a god and a wizard fight over me, I mean if Bella could have a vampire and werewolf fight over her why couldn't I have better? “What part do I play in this?”

“Do you want my god father to torture you,” Harry asked me. “At this rate, and how annoying you're suddenly becoming, I don't think I'm going to steal the goblet of fire, even for you.”  I shook my head. “So shut up,” he said, and then turned to Percy. “What about the sorcerer's stone, it is as strong as any relic, and definitely it would be enough to break the Titan's Curse.”

“The sorcerer's stone was since 1997 Harry,” Percy told him. “I would have used the lightening but that's also 2005. We need something stronger to break this, we need a new kind of miracle or magic.”
 I always wondered what gods called their stuff. I mean  I always knew wizards performed magic but I never really knew what gods did. 
“Hello!,” said Harry, waving his wand in the air. It began to snow. He was such a show off. “I am a wizard.”
“What we need is an elder's stone?” Percy told Harry importantly. “We need African magic, we are going to Africa.”

“I'm not going into any forest,” Harry told Percy as he waved his wand one more time to stop the snow.
“Africa is not all foresty,” I told Harry shaking my head. I half expected him to correct my English, but he moped stupidly. How did I fall in love with someone so dense? “Which country?”
“Nigeria. You know the country very well don't you.”
I nodded, while Harry looked sullen. He felt bad, but his time had passed.
“And yes we'd have to use the forest,” Percy said. Harry did not seem to happy with this. “With your godfather on the lose Harry we have to stay as hidden as possible. We move at exactly HALF OF A YELLOW SUN.”
“Wait wait,” I started. “There are a lot of beasts and wild animals in the forest, who is going to protect us, my warrior grand mother Chimaamanda Adichie has refused to speak to me ever since I left Africa.”
Again Harry brandished his wand.
“You wand waving is no match for African voodoo,” Percy told him casually. “That is why I have enlisted the help of an old friend of mine.”
As if to answer my question, something zoomed past my face, I turned around and saw that it was an arrow, and it narrowly missed Harry as it hit the wall.
A girl walked in through the door. I could not believe it, even though I hated the way Harry looked at her, it was still exciting to see her.
Percy went and welcomed her. “Take a sit Katniss Everdeen.”

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