Monday, April 16, 2012

The Hunger Games made me appreciate food

I must say that I was happy to have bought the audio version of this book, I mean I've heard people talk about it a lot, everywhere but I really got the urge to read it after watching the first preview. Yes the book was amazing, but I doubt I would have discovered this had I read the hard copy because first of all I'm not a fan of books with the first person as the narrator because they tend to go over unneccessary details to me, which is supposed to be included just to make it seem all natural, I hope I'm making sense, that being said, let's get to the main point, the book.

The only other book that has caused such reaction for me was the ORDER OF THE PHOENIX when I began to realize that JK Rowling wasn't just writing about a world she imagined, but a world she must probably, in one sick imaginatively twisted way, be living in.

Susan Collins is a boss, I tell you. The premise of the book is this. Twenty four teenagers from 12 districts are sent to the capital city where they are supposed to fight against each other to death, just so the inhabitants of the capital, or the government can have something interesting and fun to while away time, if you've read the book there's more to the fighting, but I'm not going to go into details.

If there's one thing the HUNGER GAMES did too me. it's that it made me appreciate food, but let's talk about the characters.

I don't mind having a daughter like Katniss, a kick ass character and the protagonist of the book who is very good in using a bow and arrow. Strong-willed and very, I don't even know she was just awesome. Then we have Peeta or is it Peter, I must say it felt kind of good to have somebody who was very good with words and a pretender to be on the good side for the change.

Did I forget Cinna (I hope I spelt it right) he is the epitome of awesomness. I never had a picture of Cinna in my head somehow I could never give him a face or skin colour, and I certainly did not take him to be black, but skip a few weeks later when I saw the movie, Lenny Kravitz was the Cinna I couldn't think of, he embodied the character so well, I shudder to think, maybe Susan had him in mind while writing.

And then about Rue, the same thing, I never had the chance to know if she was black or what not, and I certainly did not expect a black character to play her part either, but Amandla Stenberg was too adorable and played the part perfectly, I wonder why the rats were complaining.

Effie trinket on the other hand is a crazy cow (the character I mean) she is the kind of woman that would make you up and try to make you look perfect when death gives her a phone call that it is coming to take you, and mind you she can as well tell death to come back some other time,

We have Gale, I love the non existent but existent love triangle going on in the book, What do I mean, I mean there was a reason for everything, the love triangle did not seem planned, it wasn't the driving plot of the book, and it wasn't cliche.

I loved the atmosphere through out the book, you were always wondering what would happen next. TGhe people of the capitol are so annoying and are messed up that you can't help but admire Susan for writing  something with such depth as to evoke any emotion such as the one I have which is deep loathing.

Then the Hunger games itself, the arena, the tasks and the battle scene was crazy. I mean there are tracker jackers (enhanced biogenetically insane wasps) there is abnormal fire, there are mutated humans and a lot of other things.

I'm rambling because everything about the book was good, yes some parts were a bit slow but still it was great. I never thought a book with no paranormal element would make me feel this way, Susan Collins rocked my world with the HUNGER GAMES, and now I have added her to the list of authors I really want to meet.

I give the book four stars, because it was that good.

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  1. What about the Hunger Games made you appreciate food? Great review. I mean if you got this excited about it, I definitely have to read it. I'm also curious about all the belly aching about black characters in the movie (which I haven't seen yet). I like a book where you can't categorize the character by race because then it becomes about the character's personality. Thanks for the review.


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