Friday, January 6, 2012

Twitter and Facebook Hop

parajunkee's blog

Welcoming you guys to the twitter and facebook hop hosted by PARAJUNKEE.
Today we are linking up our Facebook Fan Pages & our twitter accounts so we can earn more followers and likes. Social networks are an integral way to get more exposure for your blog, so click away.

1. As a courtesy please follow and like the host: Parajunkee
2. When you follow or like someone @mention them and let them know so they can follow back.
3. Leave a comment and tell me if this is a meme keeper
4.As a courtesy if someone follows you. be sure to follow back.
6. Have fun

You can follow me on twitter @jacobolisajones, and here is my fan page THE SEPTAVALENT STONE

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  1. Hi - Stopping by for the Twitter & Facebook Hop by Parajunkie!!! I'm also participating in the YA Faeries & Fantasy Hop hosted by I'm A Reader, Not A Writer :)


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