Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dumbest Tv show characters I would love to meet.

Coming in first place is our beloved Tracy Jordan of THIRTY ROCK one of my best comedy series ever. Why do i think he's stupid, you say? Well for starters what sort of father puts a pack of cigarrette and a jar of mayonaise for his son's lunch, what human sees the bright side of getting diabetes as having to get your legs amputated and fitting in wheels, what idiot sticks all his money on himself and his clothes and wears a very heavy shoe made of Gold in order to protect his assets, who pays people to re-enact a scenario only because they thought it was funny and he wasn't there to witness it, who organizes a party where there is an after party, an after after party, an after after after party, and after after after after party, no other than Tracy Jordan. I love this show and i hope it continues forever.

Coming in second place is our rascal Jena maroney, also in THIRTY ROCK and Tracy Jordan's partner in crime. She's less stupid than Tracy Jordan only because she at times convinces Tracy Jordan to do even stupid things. Why is she stupid? Well who falls inlove and dates a transvestite only because he dresses like her, who uses horses's semen to grow their hair, who thinks dragging out your words and using sign language equals spanish, who goes to an audition with a teenager and thinks she's supposed to play the role the daughter while the teenager, the mother, no other person than Jena Maroney. And she is effortlessly stupid, i love her too, lol.

If he wasn't really annoying, Phil Dunphy of modern Family should be on the top list, my God i cannot start to tell you how annoying this guy can be, and the annoying part of it is that he is kind of the character that completes the series. He has a short attention span, very untidy, what else, he has the stupidest ideas, his wife must really love him.

He has the same looks as JOhnny Bravo and apparently the same brains, it's our beloved Joey of the ended season FRIENDS. He comes in fourth because the season is ended. I don't know who on this plannet that hasn't watched friends, so i won't say much all i can say he's a dumbass and the fictional  girls he goes out and hooks up with are way dumber...

Oh she's one stupid one honestly. It's Phoebe Buffay, ou.r smelly cat star. She does it really effortlessly too, being stupid i mean, she should have been posted along side jena maroney because they are just too funny. I wouldnt mind watching a spin off with two of their characters, it'd be a riot. The only woman i know that beieved her grandmother when she told her her father was Einstein, honestly, the beird and looks did not even ring a bell. And she uses sympathy pain a lot, and she's also a bad actress, a really bad one, couldn't even act a single role Joey got for her in one of the episodes, but that doesn't mean i don't love her.

A friend of mine warned me that she would raise hell if i included Dan Humphrey in my dumb character list but i had to. But this is relatively speaking. Yes we get, you're poor, you don't have the luxury afforded to Chuck, Blaire, and Serena, but you're a good looking dude men, use it. And by the way, who accepts a baby from a known notorious trickster without having a paternity test, and my friend asked me not to put him up, Dan you's a dumb xter.

I think this is the perfect place to end this post. Haley Dunphy of Modern Family, yep, it's like father like daughter this time, and by the way Haley is the one without the classes, I would have said she's only acting her age, but Alex, the younger of the two is way intelligent.

Conclusion: I would have loved to put so many more characters, Phin of Glee, Jeremy Gilbert of Vampire diaries, Liz Lemon and Kenneth of THIRTY ROCK, Ross of friends, and a couple of orders, but i was lying down while typing this so my shoulder hurts. Well, this is the list i could put up, hope you guys could put your own comments and list of people you thought i should have added. Thanks for stopping by, next time i am going to be talking about TV doctors, the sexy, the not so sexy, the intelligent, the rascal and every other thing in between. HAPPY READING.


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  1. I'd love to meet Tracy Morgan or Tracy Jordan. He's one of my favorites, too. Great list!

    -Miss GOP


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